The Northern Half
Franklin, Tn to Tupelo, Ms


We arrived in Franklin,Tn. Monday April 29 after driving all night.Got started at 8:30 a.m. local time. Took route 96 west to the Trace access point.This was a 15 mile ride from the Wal- Mart parking lot where we left the truck. At 10:30 we began the trip south on the Trace.Stopped at Duck River for lunch, we arrived at Merriweather Lewis campground at 7:30 p.m. It is said The Trace has "rolling hills".I found them to be "ROLLING HILLS",steeper than I expected !!! Total miles for the day was 73,highest speed attained was 44.5 mph,Lowest 0,(many times), Average speed for the day was 9.5,
I Was Dog Tired.


Started today at 8:00 a.m. the going was very slow for me ,even the smallest grade took much effort.Was told that just before the town of Collingwood there is a 3 to 4 mile hill,OH MY! The hill was there and the other side was a nice easy down. Got into Collingwood about 1:00,stopped for supplies for the night and just as we were about to leave the rains came.Decided to wait it out in the dry.The rain stopped around 4:30,we ate supper and back on the road around 5:30. After 2 miles the road started down and continued that way to the Alabama border,what a pleasent surprise .Arrived at Colbert Ferry Bike only camp ground in the dark at around 8:15.Mileage for the day was 64,highest speed I attained was 30.5,average for the day was 9.7,again.


Got started around 8:00 again today, everyone is feeling poorly,think it may be the water.Headwind and hilly and the way I feel I will never make Tupelo. Stop at Tishomingo State Park. arrive at 12:30 and I am done in. A hot shower and kind of lounge around a day helps. 26.4 miles today,aveerage speed was was 7.9,highest speed was 35.5 with many 0 mphs for me.


We got started at 8:00, everyone feels better today,bought water at little store outside of park.The going seems easier today with the exception of a strong HEADWIND,have to pedal down hill, that suks.Get to Tupelo around 2:30. 43 miles today, average speed 9.3 max speed for me 30.5.The wind really put a damper on the speed today. Check link below for the ride to Natchez

Well it's been a couple years since riding to Tupelo
and now I have have returned to finish the ride.

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