SEPT. 2005

       Once again September is here and the annual C&O Canal bike ride . The arrival at Cumberland is without fanfare ,allthough there was some kind of furry creature attached to Jeff's BIKE SEAT Once it is determined there is no DANGER we mount our trusty bikes and leave the parking area past the B. B. Memorial Gate.Unfortunatly Barry was unable to join us this year and reenact last years gate crashing.

        Leaving the Cumberland train station past the C&O Canal SENTRY we head on down the trail and or first of many rest STOPS at one of the many LOCKS along the way.On our way once again we go on to OLDTOWN LOCK and another break,as JOHN surveys the area JEFF searches for something to eat. Rested and fed we continue down the TRAILand enjoy the SCENERY.

        As we near the Paw Paw West Virginia and lunch, the first sign of TROUBLE appears,not to be outdone JEFF has his share too. Tubes changed and on our way again we stop in Paw Paw for lunch. After lunch we pass through the PAW PAW TUNNEL. As I look back through the long DARK tunnel the rest of the group ARRIVES. The rest of the first day is uneventful except for my rear derailer cable breaking, which left me in first gear for the rest of the day, and a closed on Tuesdays bike shop in Hancock.

        Last night I was able to get my chain down to 4th gear,so I don't have to pedal like a fool to go 10mph. Starting out everything seemed okay, but once on the trail I still seem to be pedaling pretty fast to do 10 mph.After about 7 miles I happen to look down and low and behold I had left the chain on the small sprocket (DUH). With 2 quick flick of the fingers my feet slowed down and speed went up. We stopped for a break at Fort Fredrick where Paul had another flat.Once that was fixed it was off again. down the trail abit is FOUR LOCKS and a few miles from there is one of my> FAVORITE spots on the canal. Down the trail from there is DAM No. 5 where once again JOHN surveys the area. Leaving for Williamport and lunch there is a nice view of the POTOMAC RIVER. The rest of the day is uneventful.


Today begins with a short stop in Brunswick, Md. ,where Paul once again has a flat. On down the trail one of the many lock keepers HOUSES. A few miles from Brunswick is another of my favorite SPOTS.A couple miles from the MONOCACY AQUEDUCT John has a problem with is crank, appears to be a bearing. After a quick look at it we continue on to the aqueduct where JOHN studies his options. As Whites Ferry is only 10 mile futher the decision to end there is made and a phone call to our pick up guy is made. With the pick up spot moved we head on down the TRAIL. About 2 miles from Whites Ferry I spy two goat by the side of the trail. I stop to take their picture and they charge the bike. The small GOAT stops and poses for a picture as the larger one tries to RIFLE my pack. After escaping the goats it is on to Whites Ferry and lunch and await our ride home.After lunch PAUL takes time out to catch up on sawing some LOGS while awaiting our ride.